Fairies Answer Questions (FAQ)

Are you a real fairy?


How do I know you’re not just a person dressed up as a fairy, aren’t fairies supposed to be small?

Fairies have special magic that allows them to change size and appearance. It is important to blend in as best we can with the human world when we visit… like changing our size, so we don’t get stepped on!

What IS Fairy Hair?

Fairy hair are sparkling strands of beautiful silk “hair” grown by our friend Cap the mushroom in fairyland. It is bestowed with fairy magic when tied into your hair so that you have a head full of tiny sparkling wishes when we’re done! Wearing fairy hair not only adds to your already beautiful appearance, but also shows the world around you that you too are a believer in fairies and a protector of nature itself!

How do you put the fairy hair in?

We use a special knot and fairy magic, if we told you the rest, we’d have to take you back to fairyland with us 😉


Can I wash my hair if I have fairy hair?

YES! Not only can you wash your hair, but you can blow dry it, style it any way you like. You can use a flat iron, curling iron and dye or bleach over it. The magic within fairy hair is very strong, and will outlast everything….. except a fine toothed comb…. We recommend staying away from those once fairy hair is installed.


What is that instrument Spark plays??? And where can I get one?

Spark is playing her signature Dragon’s Egg Drum. It was gifted to her by a Mother Dragon for all of her achievements and incredible job raising and training baby dragons for so long. Its melody is designed to draw you in and bring you peace… even in the most difficult of times. You’d have to travel to fairyland and train baby dragons to acquire one of your own.


How can I have a beard as magnificent as Sinbad’s?

By adorning it with fairy hair of course! Sinbad has spent years perfecting his beard…Ask him about it, he’d be happy to tell you! #realmensparkle

Have more questions? Feel free to write to us! Spark loves to answer questions and will write you back! You can send us a message here: SparktheFairy@gmail.com