About My Tribe


"Where she goes, magic and love follow. For she pours her heart out to all in the form of pixie dust and sparkles, and none are left unchanged."

Come See Us!

Appearance updates coming soon!

Visit with Spark in the lanes, get sparkling fairy hair, and have a dance to the music of her Dragon’s Egg drum.

Meet the Tribe

We laugh and throw smiles .. we give our hearts and we make music and magic!

Fire Fairy!

Spark is a fire and nature fairy who has taken it upon herself to rekindle joy and wonder throughout the human realm. Excelling in her first job as a caretaker of baby dragons, Spark was gifted an enchanted Dragon’s Egg drum to bring with her to share the magic of fairy land wherever she goes. She plays it frequently to invite humans over so they may learn of her mission and become a part of the fairy realm. Since her days as a dragon caretaker, she has become the most powerful fairy in all the lands, and is the guardian of nature itself. If you should see Spark, walk up and have a visit. Help her in spreading love and healing to the world around us… have a dance to the music of her Dragon’s Egg, Sparkle with fairy hair as she and her friends do to show that you too are a protector and friend to all things living. When gifted a firestone, be kind and gentle to all whom you meet, and with its magic, you will receive love and kindness in return…all the days of your life.

The Fairy Protector

As nature needs protecting, so do fairies… and Spark has the best protector of them all! Sinbad is a warrior, and gentle giant, who stumbled upon the fairies through a misunderstanding with a dragon. His colorful personality won everyone over, and all was resolved. He quickly became friends with Spark and Jingles and their dragon friends, was enchanted with magic by Spark herself and adorned with sparkling fairy hair in his magnificent beard, which enables him to change size and interact with all the fae in all the realms. It is his personal mission to teach others how to be warriors in the most honorable of ways and give them the opportunity to join him in protecting all the fairies and all the fae in all the lands. Once you’ve met Sinbad, you will never be the same!